Alumni Spotlight: A.J. Francis ’08

A.J. Francis '08

A defensive end at University of Maryland, A.J. Francis is a big part of the Terps success so far this season.  He was recently featured by the Afro-American Newspaper for his success at College Park telling his story and explaining a number interesting things about the 2008 Gonzaga grad.  An excerpt of the article and a link to the entire piece is below.

Francis spoke at Gonzaga’s Purple Eagle Camp over the summer.  Freshmen Head coach Coach Woolridge and the camper of the week are pictured to the right.   

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“Six Surprises About Maryland Terrapins Defensive End A.J. Francis”

It’s Mike Francis’ day to play stay-at-home dad. His wife, Carrie Francis, is at work, leaving him to look after their 3-year-old son until he heads off to stock shelves at Wal-Mart.

Shots fire. Before Mike can figure out what’s going on, a man bursts through the front door of the family’s Severn home, sprints through the living room and darts out the back.

Mike rushes to the front window and sees a man with a pistol walking up his driveway.

“Wait, wait, wait!” Mike screams. “He don’t live here! He don’t live here!”

The man with the pistol dashes down the street. Mike turns around to find his son A.J., an unusually large child, sitting on the living room couch. 

Mike doesn’t know it yet, but his son will grow to be 6-foot-5 and a colossal 305 pounds. He will land a Division 1 football scholarship as a defensive lineman, and eventually help anchor a Maryland Terrapins defense that ranks in the top 10 nationally.

He will become a collegiate standout, but will be celebrated more for his wit than his sacks or blocked field goals. 


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