Alumni Spotlight: Dwayne Eley Jr. ’05

  Dwayne Eley Jr. ’05 is a top receiver in the Arena Football League.  We caught up with Dwayne online, and asked him a few questions:

1. What was your fondest memory on the field at Gonzaga?

  “My fondest memory on the field was the first scrimmage of my senior year. My first touchdown of the year, I was tackled into the endzone by the opposing  team and broke my collar bone. So the first action of the season of my most important year caused me a little pain. Whenever I think of my senior year that is one of the first memories that comes to mind. I took that as motivation and took pride in getting better and proving to everyone that football is what I loved.”

2. What is one thing you learned at Gonzaga that still guides you daily?

 “To this day I still live by the definition of character that was taught to me at Gonzaga. That being character is who you are when nobody is watching. Its a very powerful quote and really speaks highly of an individual to live by it.”

3. What is one thing you have learned since leaving Gonzaga that you would like to share with this year’s team?

“One thing i would share to the team this year would be to cherish the times that you have in high school and enjoy them. While doing that though, you have to really work hard for what you want to accomplish in life. Nothing in life is easy but when you apply dedication along with positive energy and a strong work ethic, anything is possible!”

Dwayne was moved from the Milwaukee Mustangs to the Orlando Predators.  He was the leading receiver on both teams this past season.  We wish the best of luck and thank him for the great message to our kids!

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