Alumni Spotlight: Kevin Hogan ’11

A local San Francisco newspaper explained 2010 Gonzaga grad Kevin Hogan’s role in Stanford’s offensive attack in 2012.  Hogan is a sophomore and has earned meaningful playing time this fall.   The Cardinal now employs a ‘Hogan Package’ weekly which normally features QB runs, but last week Kevin connected with his tight-end for his first career TD pass.  

An excerpt of the article as well as a link to the entire piece is below.

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“Special delivery for Stanford ‘package’ “

Stanford’s Kevin Hogan had run several plays out of the ‘Hogan Package’ but didn’t pass out of it until surprising Cal in the Big Game.  

Hatched during Stanford’s spring practice, the Hogan Package made its debut in Seattle a month ago when speedy backup quarterback Kevin Hogan ran 5 yards on an option play from the shotgun formation.

It has made several appearances since then, all runs until the Cal game. The Cardinal caught the Bears looking for another run, and after rolling to the right side, Hogan hit tight end Levine Toilolo for a 9-yard touchdown, the first scoring pass of Hogan’s career.

“It was exciting, especially in the Big Game, to get the opportunity to throw the ball,” Hogan said. “We got a good (run) fake, the line sold the run well, I rolled out, and Levine ran a good route and made a great catch. … My initial thought was if the run is there, tuck it. But I saw the defender in front of me, saw Levine posting the defender up and threw it to him. I couldn’t pass up Levine.”


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