Trivia Tuesday

Trivia Tuesday

Gonzaga Football Historical Fun Facts

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Two Gonzaga graduates played a combined 27 season and in 325 games in the NFL.  Can you name them?


Mrs. Abod is correct!  Thanks Mr. Foster for the answer .. John vs Jon is the difference.



LT Roman Oben ’90 played 143 games over 12 years (1996-2007):  4 with the New York Giants, 4 with the San Diego Chargers, and 2 with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  

C Jon Morris ’60 played 182 games over 15 years (1964-1978) : 11 with the Boston / New England Patriots, 3 with the Detroit Lions, and 1 with the Chicago Bears.  



Name the son of a sitting President of the United States who took the field against a Gonzaga eleven and saw his team lose by the score of 15-0.



Archie Roosevelt, son of Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th President of the United States, played against Gonzaga on Nov 22, 1906, in a game held on the White House grounds. According to newspaper accounts, the Friends Select School team “went down to a bitter defeat… after a grueling struggle.” The “Gonzaga Eleven [were] too much for Archie’s Warriors.”


Since the Modern Era of the Gonzaga – St. John’s rivalry began in 1928, the teams have met 86 times, including playoffs.  NAME THE YEAR AND SCORE of the game in which the two teams combined for the most points.

G Free (@freezelife) via @freezeframe on Instagram
6/26/12 4:48 PM
@GonzagaTDC (2009) Gonzaga 35, St. John’s 34 #TriviaTuesday

Mr. Free is correct!


The rivals combined for 69 points in 2009. Final Score Gonzaga 35, St. John’s 34. Arguably one of the most exciting games Eagles’ fans have ever witnessed. The one point margin of victory ties for first with Gonzaga’s 7-6 victory in 1944, as the closest margin of victory among all games played in the Modern Era.


What was the final score of the 68th Game (played November 11, 1995) vs arch-rival St. John’s?

L. Rhea (@LRhea21)

6/19/12 11:17 AM
@GonzagaTDC #Gonzaga 21 Johnnies 14… #JohnniesFlushed #EaglesFlyHigh

Mr. Rhea is correct!


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